Delhi Riots: Could Courts Have Handled the Crisis Differently? – Published in The Quint

When we look back at the Northeast Delhi riots of 24-26 February, one question that will continue to be asked is – could the judiciary have intervened? As things stand today, Muslim victims are finding it difficult even to get FIRs registered, or to avail the compensation that is due to them. Victims are being […]

Why This Report Says The Delhi Riots Were A Pogrom – Published in Article 14

The violence was ‘planned and targeted’ against Muslims, and the police, who played a partisan role, are deciding what should be investigated and when, says the head of a committee inquiring into the Delhi riots of February 2020 New Delhi: The narrative was changed to “one of violence on both sides rather than a pogrom […]

Retirement of Tainted Judge a Reminder of How the Executive Failed the Judiciary – Published in The Wire

The process required for the initiation of impeachment proceedings against Justice S.N. Shukla stood complete in January, 2018. Yet, the Central government failed to act. In the higher judicial system, very rarely has an occasion come when two Chief Justices of India have had to remind the prime minister of something. Alas, two consecutive CJIs […]