The Dismal Use of Legislation – Published in Rising Kashmir

In the year 1994, the Supreme Court of India stated that “the culture of law in Indian democratic republic should be on secular lines”; and that there can be no democracy if anti-secular forces are allowed to work dividing followers of different religious faiths flying at each other’s throats. This is the understanding of the […]

Two Bails, Two Views, Many Inconsistencies – Published in the Leaflet

THE order granting bail to the young climate activist Disha Ravi is one of the finest expositions of law in the present times. It comes at a time when many political dissents engaged in permissible actions have been unreasonably criminalised. One hopes that this order will give “disha” (direction) to the other pending and future bail cases of similar […]

Ordinance with Malice – Published in Rising Kashmir

In the recent past, various ordinances were brought by the States including the Ordinance relating to interfaith marriages in the State of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, animal slaughter in Karnataka. All these Ordinances have serious penal consequences affecting personal liberty of citizens. In many cases booked under the UP Ordinance, the High Court of […]