Slaughtering Animals for Food – Published in The Milli Gazette

Recently the Supreme Court issued direction to all the states and the Union Territories to submit their response on the humane method of slaughtering animals for the purpose of food by proposing the mechanical stunning of animal by using Captive Bolt Pistol (CBP) of two types, penetrating and non-penetrating.  In both the processes the pistol […]

Nimesh Report And Acquittals Vindicate The Stand Of Up Government – Published in The Milli Gazette

A full bench of Allahabad High Court, Lucknow, took another serious view [after about three years of Ayodhya dispute verdict] in relation to the power and its exercise by the state government under the Code of Criminal Procedure if it wanted to withdraw the criminal cases pending in different courts in alleged “terror” cases where […]

Talaq & its Prior Conditions – Published in The Milli Gazette.

Time and again the issue of Talaq and the consequences thereof has remained an issue of cantankerous debate in the country as well as within different sections of the Muslim community. This issue has also gone to courts of law resulting in authoritative pronouncements. Simultaneously, Muslim ulama have also given their opinion based on the […]

Option to Adopt a Child – Published in The Milli Gazette

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court about the right of a Muslim to adopt a child has been reported with different viewpoints.  However, the core issue is whether a Muslim could adopt a child in the present legal position and at the same time not go beyond the restrictions imposed by the Muslim Personal […]